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Re: Please help me keep going...

You sounds SOOOO similar to me. I couldn't wear a shirt for the first month until someone found me some nipple Shells. They are plastic shells made by medela that keeps your bra from touching your nipples. It really helped because that way I could stop being top less all the time and could sleep with blankets over me instead of half way down my body. We moved out of province a month after our son was born and were living with my in-laws while transition from our apartment to our new place when Merrick born. I stayed in our bedroom for a good 2-3 weeks because I was top less 24/7 and living in the house was my 16 year old brother in law and father in law haha. SO many people saw my boobies... Honestly I'm so sorry this is happening to you though. Its such a huge transition with your first baby that it makes adjusting and healing 100 times worse when things don't go well. If your LC has hope than I would definitely trust her and try once you are healed. You never know...some babies will be fine going back. Merrick also hated my over active let down and the fact that I didn't wait until I was fully healed so when I tried to nurse again I would pop him on and off because it hurt so much which didn't help make him like breast feeding again. You are catching this early too so you LO will still be young when you can hopefully start nursing again. That makes a big difference. Baby will still have good reflexes. One thing we tried was using bottles that mimicked proper latch and we would feed him like nursing and making sure he would open wide and suck properly. I also had thrush for 4.5 months so my situation was different too. I don't want you to think that it won't work out and will have to pump like me. You never know! You are doing awesome!
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