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Re: daycare misgivings

WTH! Even dipes on FSOT go with a smoke-free or not label!

Look at it this way.

If your DCP doesnt care enough about her own health to the extent that smoking is an uncontrollable urge, then how much does she care for kids she has no connections to?

She probably leaves them unattended for 2mins to go outside for a smoke but when the kids are off for the day, she'll really be smoking INSIDE the house...which is probably why your LO comes back smelling so bad. My uncle smokes ONLY outside. He cuddles my boys..and they dont smell like smoke after that.

I cant believe a smoker is even allowed to run a daycare. Lets face it......nobody advocates smoking. Get your dd to say 'bad' when the dcp gets back in after the smoke...I know you are probably getting her out of it soon.

Have you talked to your dh's boss about the smoke reek?
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