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Re: Gender Disappointment

It really helps to put things into perspective for me. I have a friend from highschool who is due 4 days after me. I found out I was having a boy the same day that she found out she was having a girl (which is what she wanted). I was pretty jealous, and kind of angry (why couldn't I be having a girl, too?)

Then they found out she has a heart problem.

She's going to need surgery within a week of being born, and two more before she is two.

It really helped to put things in perspective. I would SO much rather have a healthy baby boy, than have a baby girl that has something wrong with her, just for my own selfish "want" for a girl. I don't want a girl that might have a bad quality of life, or worse... not be here.

So yeah, definitely helped me look at things differently.
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