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Re: August 2013~ weekly chat ~ 1/28-2/3

I didn't mind having a few folks in the room, except my 1st hb. I had to kick mil out b/c she was a nervous wreck. It was messing with my laboring with her wringing her hands and pacing. My bff, dh, mom and m/w were in the room. I want to know what my baby is before anyone else. I may not let anyone come visit until we are home either. We'll see.

Oh and I've got a sicky at home right now. sigh. my ODD had diarrhea this evening and after we put her to bed, she puked in her sleep, then walked to the bathroom to poop. She didn't even know she barfed. dh had to clean most of it up. I couldn't do it. I went in and used some clorox wipes to go back over the carpet, then sprinkled some baking soda on it. Hoping it will kill the smell. IDK how to clean carpet with barf. Any suggestions? I just hope no one else gets it. I can't handle barfing kids right now. ugh.
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