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Re: Please help me keep going...

K here my story. I noticed my son had the heart shape too pretty early on. We had that clipped. I was still getting sore nipples! I found a pediatric dentist and turnd out he had a posterior tie and a lip tie. The PTT can really make bfing hard and is VERY hard to DX but is not at all uncommon with a reg tie. If you have a reg tie it could go deeper and be a PTT. If she has a ptt it would explain why she not latching well bc well she cant get your whole nipple in her mouth. Can she stick her tongue all the way out past her lips or touch her tongue to the roof of her mouth? She could also have a tight lip tie and would make it really hard to get a good latech too. Also very common if a reg tie is found. Once you get it cut the new latch will not just "happen" you need to help train your baby. They are latching the only way they know how. You need to do exercises to help them learn how to stretch and trust the tounge. There is so much more to learn about tongue ties that i think if you worked with her she could really learn to latch correctly and you will be successful. I went through pure hell with my nipples for the first 2 months. Blood blisters like crazy! Once i worked with him and he relearned how to latch properly it was a breeze from there. He 12 months and still nursing.

ETA: please pm me if you want more info i dont check here often but i can get you loads of info and there an amazing tongue tie facebook group as well with amazing moms who have BTDT. Also a few pediatric dentist on there as well.

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