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Originally Posted by ajane View Post

You typed those words so I quoted them. Here is your post and the bolded is what you typed that I quoted:

Well if people are taking offense then they need to ask for clarification, not what it implies or what they assume.

Yes, it is what *I* am able to do and *my*priorities hence the winking smilie face. My priorities ARE a certain way. That doesn't mean someone else's priorities that are different are wrong. It means those are their priorities and guess what? We can all have different priorities! And no, it doesn't imply that anyone is wrong.
No, I never typed "napping is a matter or priorities," as you keep quoting. Not to be snarky, but you can't really quote something someone said like that, if they not only didn't say it that way, but didn't say it at all. I typed your statement, where you said it's a matter of priorities. And I said why mamas take offense to that statement. I then gave sleep as an example, another of your points. Should I have worded it better, or should you have asked for clarification? That seems to be what we're on now lol.

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