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Re: Can I dye prefolds?

First of all, don't use Dylon, it's not a good dye. and of course they will tell you not to use it on babies, it's a CYA thing. How do regular diapers get to be anything but cream or white? They're dyed.

Secondly, you should always make sure that all the dye is completely rinsed out before you use it. However, once pro-chem and Dharma dyes are mixed with water, they become inert. They are dangerous in powder form, so I use a mask when dyeing, but once mixed with water they're fine. In addition, during the dyeing process the dye completely bonds to the plant fiber, so there is no dye in the garment. It becomes a part of the fiber of the fabric and it doesn't just come off. Unlike wool, where the dye can release from the fabric under the right conditions.

If you want every single piece of fabric that touches your baby to be undyed, that's perfectly fine. But all colored fabric is dyed, and the chemical processes used are pretty much the same. If you worry, use a high quality dye like Dharma's or Pro Chem. I've been dyeing for years, and those are the dyes I use. Never a problem. I dyed some fitteds over the weekend as a matter of fact.

Dharma has some great tutorials if you are interested in learning to dye. There's also some up on craft chat I'm sure if you search. GL.
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