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Re: The baby dropped!!!!

I thought it was strange but the mama on chat and my MIL insisted it was normal. Should I call my ob? I feel fine now

One thing I should add is while I am 33 weeks my last period was Oct. 31st (I was charting so I now for sure) and I didn't find out I was pregnant until the end of January. I argued with them about the dates but they think I really did have a period in November (and forgot to mark it ~ uh, no) and then got pregnant. I have told my dates are off but they wouldn't listen from the first visit on so I left it alone. The doc has been saying for a while that she is expecting me to deliver early.
I wonder how many weeks I'd be with an Oct. 31st LMP?

Okay, just checked the dates which would bring it to August 11th (give or take, what's a luteal phase?). So that would make me like 36ish weeks................
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