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Re: ready, SETs, go!

Originally Posted by littleleaf View Post
Love the colors!

A random question for you -- do you let your kids near the dye projects (as long as they're not touching them)? I have a 4 year old who is very eager to help me with whatever I'm crafting, but I'm nervous about him around the dye... I think it's just bad if they inhale it, right, so as long as it's mixed in solution, it should be ok... (I think)
I wear a mask when I am mixing dry powder. I have honestly noticed sinus irritation when I hadn't. My kids have not helped (age 5 & 2) ..... only once when it was summer and we did the whole thing outside. I don't really find it to be a kid friendly project...... the gloves don't fit them, it takes a lot of time, patience, and steps. They really haven't been interested. But next summer, I'm sure we'll have a tie-dye party with playmates.
I usually work up on the counter top during their rest time... but I typically use small buckets. That project was for 4 yards so I needed floor space. It had a lid, so I had it covered most of the time.
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