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Shipping info: Any order over 15 bath bombs or more will be 9.95 to ship. That is a flat rate and it allows me to pack your bath bombs safe for travel.

Right now shipping is 2.50 on up to 3 bombs
4 or more is 4.80 to ship.

bedtime bath
Pink sugar
sex bomb
amazing grace
honey I washed the kids


We work so hard being great mamas! Why not have an awesome bath at the end of the night to relax?


OMG. Your bath bombs are amazing! I've never been one for baths, but I loved my bath the other night with one of your bath bombs! I took a 30 min nap, put my slippers and bath robe on, hungout with my husband a bit, then went to sleep and didn't wake up till 10:30. WOW I never sleep that long and hard. Thanks for the best sleep since baby arrived!

So I had to pop on real quick to tell you how in LOVE with bath bombs I am that you sent me! I used one last night and it was amazing! I cannot wait to write the review and giveaway tonight at Our Crazy Days Called Life!!!

You guys really need to try these. I bought them to sell in my own business but my last show did not go well. So, I decided to eat into my profits and try one. OMG. You will think you are in heaven. I have given a few out to friends and family. Much to my surprise, the men are liking them too. As it fizzes in the nice hot water, it releases oil and a fabulous scent that stays with you. If you have never tried Bath Bombs (as I had not) do yourself a favor and try a few.
November 9

My bath bombs make your bath smell so good. After wards you are left with silky soft skin and the scent lingers on your skin as well. All my friends love them and my son does as well. Some of the color stays in your water and my son thinks having a pink bath is the best.

Beautiful teething necklaces for mom!!
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