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Re: EBFing Question! 4 Month Fussies?

By 4 months my breasts had regulated and I no longer felt as full or pumped much extra milk. You could try fenugreek if you really feel like your supply is declining. The pull off at let down could be that it is just too forceful for her. You could hand express or pump first to help or just reattach her and hope she gets used to it. Sounds like she has a boob preferance, could be that side is more comfortable to lay for or has a lighter let down. It is normal. All but one of mine was like that. It was to the point that my left boob was considerably larger than my right and produced a ton of milk...LOL!

Most babies by 4 months start to become very efficient nursers and will eat in about 5 - 10 min per side. My son only nursed 5 min per side and often only one side per session at 4 months on. He is 9 1/2 months now and still does.
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