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Re: Sized AIO cost same as disposables?

Originally Posted by jen12323 View Post
I calculated that if i want sized diapers, 30 each size,
Newborn, small, med, large...the total for AIO's add up to same or more than disposables.

Anyone take this route?

Also, are One size diapers too bulky?
What they said. I did a survey awhile back, and people who used sized diapers tended to only buy 3 sizes.

If I'd done sized AIOs on my son, I could have had a 3-day (wash every 2 days, but take forever to finish the laundry) stash with ...

-- 30 first size
-- 22 second size
-- 16 third size

There are people who spend as much on cloth as they would have on disposables, but this is usually by choice.

I did find BGEs to be incredibly bulky and bumpy, even at 30 lbs. But Grovia were nice and trim and smooth. Other people have different experiences.

I've done some surveys and it's typical to get a newborn, then a one-size system, then training pants.
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