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Re: Sized AIO cost same as disposables?

We've had a few OS diapers over the years for night time, but the majority of our diapers have always been sized. Some points to consider:

1) OS diapers rarely fit newborns well, so most people still buy 2 sizes - newborn and OS. Some kids grow out of OS diapers and need yet another size.

2) Each size of sized diapers won't get used for 36 or so months straight like most OS tend to - so each diaper will have less wear. This means they'll have higher resale value or will be in better shape for subsequent kids than OS diapers will.

3) You'll need fewer of the larger sizes than the smaller sizes.

4) Sized diapers are usually cheaper than OS.

I hate OS diapers, so I'd used sized even if they cost way more than OS in the end, but right now my second kid is using the same diapers that my first kid used, and they're still in good enough shape that we'll be able to use them for our third kid who's on the way. Sounds like a good deal to me.
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