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Re: Cloth diaper tax credit

That's interesting... pretty sure it will never fly, but would love it!

I would love to see a hefty tax on most disposable products, like bottled water, paper napkins, paper/plastic cups, diapers, etc. The 5 cents I get at Starbucks for my travel mug for sure isn't motivating a lot of people. But if it was an extra $1 for a paper cup... that might move some people.
And up the tax on cigarettes while you're at it. And gasoline. Assuming that all the proceeds actually went somewhere useful. Like schools.

Maybe we should apply a seriously big tax on anything with HFCS in it. Then use the proceeds to pay for better school lunches. The Washington Post had an article last Sunday about school lunches in Japan - blew my mind and sounds so simple. Sorry to hijack with my rant
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