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Re: 4 week old will only sleep on me!

I'm a new mom too, and my daughter is 4 weeks old as well. For the first week+, she did exactly what your DD is doing, despite having a cradle and a crib. DH & I were at our wits' end. At one point I was so desperate I put her on the cradle mattress, put her on the floor then slept next to her one night hoping that would work (only worked once for a short time). What we did, though I'm not sure what exactly worked: (this is sleeping at NIGHT, she doesn't nap well during the day)
1) make sure the temp is right. We live in Northern NH, it's really cold, and her room was at 63-65 F. We dragged out the space heater and increased the room temp to 69-70F. Put a hat on her & dressed her better. Put a thermometer in the room to monitor it. Used a rice sock to initially warm the mattress esp where her head rests
2) Swaddle her!!! And, swaddle her TIGHT, it's more womb like and comforting. We used just 2 receiving blankets at first, now she has discovered she loves her Halo fleece swaddle/sleep sack
(hated it at first). The Halo is great, she outgrew the blankets quick. I think you have to be careful about swaddling their hips/legs too, google it, I can't remember
3) the midwives at our hospital suggested putting a shirt that smells like you in the crib. I shoved a decent sized burp cloth up my shirt for a bit then spread it in the crib where her head rests- don't think this made a difference. I think they also said a car seat for an couple hours is ok too if you need a nap badly.
4) Try white noise in the room. A fan maybe. My mom had given me a giraffe ( that has several sound settings (running water, a static like sound etc) & can velcro to the the crib. Forgot she gave it to me until week 3
5) Pacifier in the mouth so she can soothe herself
6) Try a sling/baby wearing device (ergo, moby) during the day so she'll nap & you can do stuff
Can you ask your local hospital if they have suggestions?
Of all these things, the swaddling & temp adjustment help the most, IMO, but I don't know. Now, she is sleeping 3-4 hours at night...!!! Good luck. Sorry for the long post but I was where you are.
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