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Re: So in love with my GMD prefolds!

Originally Posted by alaskamum View Post
How big is your lo? He's only a week older than mine...and you put browns on him? I was thinking reds...mine is short and fat but only 13 lbs. It's all in her thighs though. She spits up a ton though so I was looking at prefolds and pull on Bummis to get us through the next few months until it gets better. (also trying diet changes and meds, but after one day on the meds she was way worse so I'm not holding out hope for that route). My other dd was real refluxy too and I figured out way too late about looser options for diapers. Not a cure but it helps.
My lo was like that, and I really liked the GMD "wide baby" over the (organic) red edge we had. The red edge were too narrow for us, and so we're hard to snappi.
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