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Can this be done?

DS is in a toddler bed. Hes almost 3 and has been in a toddler bed for a year/ year and a half now. He does great in his bed. He wakes up screaming/ crying.... always has. He also takes a while to fall alseep but isnt super noisy while falling asleep.

I'm due in the next few weeks and really want to get DD sleeping arrangement more concrete before the baby gets here. Right now she sleeping in a pack in play in the office. She either goes straight to sleep or fights it. She only really fights it when shes sick or having another issue. She sleeps the whole night through and really is a great sleeper.

I want to put her in DS's room in a toddler bed as well. That way I can bring the pack and play down stairs for the new baby to nap in.

So how do you think it can work? Can a 3yr old and a 19mo share a room while they are both in toddler beds? Any advice would be great

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