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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

On the special needs,

Both boys have gone to Head Start. My preschooler is there currently, and we are on a waiting list for my youngest.
My oldest just got his IEP in school in place. The SPED team there seems really good, but I don't feel that his teacher is qualified to meet his needs (****, I"M not qualified.) They did a very thorough evaluation and told me he has the worst sensory issues of any child they have ever seen :X (but the OT was super excited to beign working with him, haha.)
The referral for my preschooler came in the mail today. He was evaluated by the public schools, but I think they did a terrible job (I notice FAR more things at home then they picked up, but I will push this issue further.) He just graduated up from the Early HeadStart, qualified because of his severe speech delay of course.

Food is not an issue, we just did a big BJ's trip as well.
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