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Re: Do you let your kids eat snow?

Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post
According to the Canada Safety Council, the real danger in eating snow is the large amount of bacteria it contains. The CSC analyzed 20 samples of snow from around the world and found high bacteria levels in all samples. The most abundant bacteria was Pseudomonas syringae, a bacteria that causes diseases in beans and tomatoes. The amount of bacteria in snow is comparable to the amount of bacteria children are exposed to when they play in dirt.

Even fresh snow cones or other snow treats should not be harmful if, like other desserts, they are enjoyed in moderation.

Read more: Is Eating Snow Safe? |

Read more: Is Eating Snow Safe? |
Thanks for that info - helpful & makes me happy to know as I let my kids play in dirt all summer.

The only reason I avoid the snow eating is the HUGE number of dogs that do their business on our side/front yard, and the rabbit/cat droppings that are scattered throughout our hedged-in backyard. Otherwise I wouldn't care, but my 1 & 2yr olds just aren't old enough/aware enough to notice if they scoop something gross in a mouthful.
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