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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

well you dont know for sure that the school called or that the only thing reported was the uniforms and hair. from the sounds of it, it seems pretty obvious that you are overwhelmed and needing support. calling services is not all about busting negligent parents, sometimes it is about getting services and resources to the families and kids that need it. it could have been anyone at this point....the school, neighbors, parents in your kids class, your own family for goodness sake.

i would do what i can to prepare but also look at this as maybe an opportunity to get some assistance if there are further services you or your kids can quality for. i cant imagine trying to juggle special needs kids as a single job, no car, and all that you have going on.

for the carpet issue, whats under the carpet? can you just pull up the carpet and get rid of it entirely?
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