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Re: daycare providers -- how do you do it?

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
Well, I don't do it for free. That would be a lot harder to give up 10 hours a day for free.

BUT, I have a complete set up. I have a huge room dedicated to daycare, with big climbers, and tumbling mats etc. Then, I drag tables, art supplies, toys and more tumbling mats into the family room and kitchen, so the bigger kids have tons to do if i'm super busy.

Then, (and I swear, this is the only reason I'll take infants) I use baby carriers. I have slings, mei tais, Buckle ties, wraps.... and if I did not have those things, I wouldn't do it.

I've learned over time that Dr Brown's bottles are the spawn of Satan. I have never met so many babies with feeding problems until the Dr Brown's came it takes forever to feed a baby, they are not relaxing while they eat, and it ends up being a stressful time. So, I will no longer accept an infant with the Dr Brown Bottles. People think they are great because it's the new popular thing.

I also put the infant down to sleep in a dark quiet room. Sleep begets sleep. If the child is not getting enough sleep, he or she will have more trouble sleeping all the time. They don't just become exhausted and sleep for four hours. They need to feel rested, fed, cared for, attached etc. When all of his or her needs are met the baby will start hanging out in a baby chair and watching all the fun. (but, they are still very hands on no matter what)
agree with ALL of this, including the hatred of Dr Brown bottles LOL I dont wear daycare babies on a regular basis but I do have that option here. I also insist on a routine for baby with regular sleep. Up to about 4 months old, they should be sleeping a good part of the day anyway. OP, what is going on that you are having to do so much for this baby? For instance, I have my own 2 month here as a part of my daycare and he sleeps 6 or 7 hours of the 10 hour daycare day. He's really no trouble and that is the case with all the infants I care for, bio or not. at 4 or 6 months, they transition to two long naps a day, 2 to 3 hours each and again, its not a huge deal to have them in care. Once you get going with a routine and good sleep habits, that will make all the difference. I never watch kids for free though, not for family either.
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