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Re: Can this be done?

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
But your talking about twins. I mean there are families with 3/4 or more kids who live in small house with not enough bedrooms for each kid. What do they do... Put a different kid in every corner of the house....

When is the best time to introduce a roommate?
Yeah, there has to be a way. Are they at an age where you can talk to them about it, and get them psyched up for sharing a room? Do they go to bed and wake up at approximately the same time? I guess just read them stories in there, tuck them both in, and hope for the best! We are going to need to transition our baby to his brother's room as soon as he sleeps through the night - they will probably be 1 and 3 at that point. We are moving in to a place with only 2 bedrooms, so there really isn't much choice.
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