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Re: keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

Originally Posted by DottieHarley View Post

We have almost entirely given up on gymbo bc 1, there is an outlet near my family so 99 pct of what they give us is from there, and 2, the little motifs are so annoying! Hard to match! And then the kid outgrows just the pants! We will pick up cute tees on clearance - but DD is in plain non embellished osh kosh jeans or khaki pants almost all the time. Dont get me started on finding PLAIN jeans for my toddler, grrrrrr.

This was the reason I started buying my daughter boys pants while her body shape was still the same as a boy's. Now she most assuredly doesn't have a boyish shape but the pants are no longer all pink and purple hearts and flowers either.
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