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Re: What happened to my kid? Vent

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
I really do appreciate it . Her response to "El, we gotta talk about the biting...what happened that you had such a hard day at school?" was "I'm NOT talking about biting! I don't LIKE you! I'm going to my room!"

And I thought that was a good idea...

Poor thing got up this morning & said, "I had a good night & stayed in my bed, do I get to eat junk today?" The kid kills me! B/c as frustrated as I get, she's hilarious
Sounds like the teenage years will be fun.

DS is infatuated with gum. I don't really care if he chews gum b/c he does fine with it, but there is a point where I really don't want him to have it

Any chance you can pass healthier food off as junk? We have fruit leather that my SIL told my niece was fruit gum. And, we buy the WhoNu (or whatever they are called) cookies.
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