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Re: HELP me with stomac flu please!

My 2.5 yr old DD just went through 4 days of vomiting (even just a few sips of water would cause vomiting), but because she didn't have diarrhea and continued to try to drink, she didn't get dehydrated! I learned a lot from this experience:

plain water may be best because it is absorbed right through the skin in the mouth & walls of the stomach

track how much liquid is going in and roughly how much is being vomited (gross, but helpful knowledge & something drs might want to know if you have to bring them in)

look for 3-4 pee dipes per day

avoid dairy (clear liquids only)

if they seem to be rebounding, offer bland carbs (toast, mashed potatoes, banana, plain crackers) first, then progress to proteins, etc. The BRAT diet may not be needed, but probably won't hurt.

We talked to a health professional after 48 hours & saw one after 72hrs, but no treatment was given. Thankfully the vomiting ceased after ~80hrs!

From my understanding, Zofran, or other anti-emetics, should be avoided unless required for re-hydration as the system should be allowed to void itself.
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