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Re: Working at home with a 4 month old?!

Originally Posted by sma123 View Post
I would rather be home with my kids then have them in a daycare situation with a stranger raising them. I may not be able to give them my full attention; however I know that they are safe and their cared for. If I had a choice, I'd be a SAHM; however for some of us, that's not feasible... Working from home allows me to be there with my kids and contribute the lions share of our household income.
Mama, I wasn't trying to come across as snotty at all, I promise. I was just saying, it would be so, so hard for my job (I'm a banker, analyze financial statements all day long, write credit reports, etc) and not fair to my company because I really need to focus when I work or else something would take me a million years to finish. It really depends on the job and also your kid(s) if you can make it happen. It would be terribly stressful for me to try to do my job and focus on my very needy almost 2 year old.

If working from home with your kids doesn't work out for you, just know that daycares can be a good thing. I feel 100% confident that my son is well cared for and safe. I used to be pretty anti-daycare, but now that he goes I really don't feel that someone else is "raising my baby"... she asks me all the time what my preferences are, etc..
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