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Re: daycare providers -- how do you do it?

I think something else to consider is that you wont have the same bond with this baby, it wont be the same as raising your own kids. The things that you patiently tolerated with your own babies are supremely annoying with other peoples kids LOL that is why it is work, hard work, to watch other peoples kids. you should be compensated for it. if babies were so wonderful and easy, why is there literally no one that offers to do it for free? 10 hour days is a full time job so really, now is the time to talk about some payment. if you take baby till they go to school, think about all the hours of work you would do for one child over the years. It makes sense when you are the parent, its just exhausting when you are not. it is a huge sacrifice for your own family and your own kids so just think carefully about what you can and cant do long term.
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