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10 month old screams to get up.. switch to floor bed??

My 10 month old use to just whimper that she was hungry for a bottle when she woke up, but recently, she just SCREAMS when it's bedtime, and then SCREAMS when she wants to get up in the middle of the night for a bottle. I know the difference between her hungry cry and her angry scream, and these are angry screams. She will go on FOREVER, and leaving her to scream herself to sleep doesn't work... I get a migrane, and 15 minutes later DH is getting a headache. Poor DS that is across from her is upset. We have a 10x10 room, and we have all of us in it.

I feel like she just wanted to crawl around us, and sleep with us. We have a high bed, but I've considered taking the frame off and just laying the boxspring and mattress on the floor, and putting DD's crib mattress on the floor.

But.. what if DD stays up for hours instead of going to sleep?
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