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Re: 4 week old will only sleep on me!

Originally Posted by aimeelee76 View Post
Yep, when she sleeps on me, she's on her tummy, with her head just below my shoulder. And my mom has told me numerous times to just put her on her belly, but I'm really terrified of SIDS. When she was swaddled in our first week at home, she was always on her side, so maybe it's just that she refuses to sleep on her back. ARGH!! I feel like if I put her to sleep on her tummy, even if she's right next to me, I won't sleep a wink because I'll be obsessively listening to her breathing...but we have her one-month pediatric appointment coming up, so I'll definitely run this by her doctor and see what she says. If there's no loose bedding in her co-sleeper, and she sleeps with a pacifier in, and we have a fan going, maybe our risk of SIDS will be low enough that we can get away with putting her on her tummy to sleep. Am I a helicopter mom already?!?
I understand this fear, I really do... but.. most recent studies have shown that the risk of SIDS stems from an unhealthy lifestyle in utero and then being around smoke, etc as a newborn. Of course, that's an unpopular stance because the whole 'Sudden infant death' thing is, by definition, 'sudden' and unexplained.. but.............. the truth is that common links have been found between the vast majority of cases (some exceptions apply).

it may take a little time before you trust her to sleep on her stomach, but in the long term, it might be the best solution. A few sleepless nights now, but good healthy sleep habits over the long haul.
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