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Re: feeling sad

Originally Posted by swrlgrl105 View Post
cant even believe how many people close to me are popping up pregnant since I have had my m/c last month My cousin, and a couple friends of mine, one of which found out she is having twins yesterday.

it all makes me sad and Im waiting for AF to come so I can get this show on the road and start TTC again. Im happy for them and all, but I was first and feel left behind now, and more and more people keep announcing.

Im just having a pity party moment and want to cry
I am going through the exact same thing right now. So many people I know are pregnant. I'm happy for them as well, but feeling sorry and hurt for myself. I would have been nearing 5 months in my pregnancy by now. When I first found out we lost the baby I was so hurt and couldn't speak to hardly anyone. I deleted myself from the DDC and FB group without even saying anything to anyone because I was so upset and humiliated. Now I have my up and down moments, and like you just desperately want AF to come so we can start TTC. I also have many fears. Like if I do get PG I will lose it again, and I'm also afraid that I may never be blessed with another. Ugh... trust me, I feel your pain as well! I can so relate.
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