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Re: Toddler Discipline Tips

It depends on the issue.

But, not sitting down with food, is an instant "Oh, then you are done". Food is taken away. I don't mess with kids walking around with food.

I think a two year old is old enough not to kick or hit a dog. It's a deal breaker here, and either the dog or the child would be removed from the situation.

There are very few things that I will not tolerate, but, those few things are not negotiable. For everything else, I'll go with the flow. I'll set the child up with fun messy things, I'll open the doors when the weather is nice and make sure he or she can safely play outside alone... I will go to great lenghts to make sure most things are a "yes" and very few things are a "no". But, getting up from the table and hurting animals are not O.K.

Amazingly, kids can tell when it's not going to fly with me, and they don't even try it. I have 12 month old kids sitting at the kid's table without restraint, and they figure it out immediately, that if they want to eat, they'd better be sitting down to do it. (there's also peer pressure, it's not just me)
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