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Re: Best video baby monitor

Well, I like and dislike Summer Monitors. My biggest complaint is that they sell them with crap batteries in them and you have to find a store that sells a replacement battery. It never affected the video part, but a bad battery makes the audio quality horrible and I had to put it on 'mute' until we went out and found a replacement. Fine for a toddler I can hear if she gets upset, was not okay for a newborn when I wanted to hear every grunt and snore

but.. now that I've replaced the battery, it's great. We just added a second camera for the new baby and it was easy peasy to do. I'm just pissed that they sell them with subpar batteries to begin with.

we almost bought a Motorola. Great reviews and quality, but too many unnecessary bells and whistles, if you ask me. I don't need my baby camera singing lullabies to my baby. It's all the way across the room anyways, or up on the wall above them - not really the ideal place for a music box.

So, we stayed with the Summer and just bought another camera instead of switching over.

one great thing about Amazon is that they do big tables that tell you whether or not the monitor will allow you to add a camera and if so, how many (some of the Motorolas go up to 4 cameras!). You can see one such comparison table at this page:

whatever you're looking at, I would make sure the camera and the receiver have AC adapters - some are just 'battery' now, which really isn't that great. And the reviews on each really help. Sometimes the actual monitors are cheaper on or, etc though.

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