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HUGE Wool Destash - lower prices

I will drop $3 to combine shipping, so you can save $$. Smoke free, pet free home.

All wool has been washed and lanolized with KK Designs super soaker wool wash.

Blue & Brown Track Longies

This is a MM colorway, but I don't know what it is called.

Super soft wool. Track stripes in a seed stitch down each leg.

42ppd - 40ppd

waist - 19in

rise - 18in

butt - 24in

inseam - 11in

Brown Knit Longies - Nick's first ever longies - SOLD

The colorful stripes are handspun merino

The waist is very felted, and other spots are slightly felted. Please see pictures. Price reflects felting and handspun, hand dyed wool.


waist - 19in

rise - 16in

butt - 22in

inseam - 9.5in

Wild Child Woolies - SOLD



30ppd each

Sheep in a Heap



25ppd - 20ppd

Thomas the Tank Wool with Hat - SOLD



These make good day time longies.

inseam - 10in

butt - 22in

rise - 16in

waist - 18in

Wild Child Woolies Soaker - SOLD



There are spots in the wool that is thinning, I got some pictures. They are a little out of focus, but you can still see.

These have a double layer wetzone, we used them at night.

The first picture is accurate to the colors, the out of focus ones are not.

Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies SOLD




Double layer wool, very warm and very soft, these are a favorite.

Rainbow Water Wool Shorties - SOLD

Tigger Patchy

Play Quality



We paired these with our Mizzou Tiger Shirts

Blue & Orange Knit Wool Longies - SOLD



This wool is very thick, I think cerestri is what it was called.

inseam - 11in

butt - 29in

waist - 20in

These have a drawstring and were designed to fit like carpenter pants.

Fiesta Longies

Merino Wool

35ppd - 30ppd


inseam - 9in

butt - 26in

waist - 19in

rise - 17in

These were designed to fit big like boy's carpenter pants.

Orange Wool Longies - SOLD

Very Felted, very good for super soaker

Some light stains on the front

3ppd with the purchase of another wool item in my listing combined shipping discount does not apply.

inseam - 8in

butt - 22in

waist - 18in

rise - 14in

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