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Coconut, almond, rice, or goat milk

Ds is mostly breast fed but due to supply issues has been getting between 2 and 6-7 oz a day of formula for a few months (based on where I am in my cycle). He cannot have cows milk so he's been on soy and it seems like he's no longer tolerating that well either.
Given that its a small portion of his overall diet with mostly bm and a good amount of solid food in addition, his ped has suggested switching him to one of these instead of formula given he's almost 9 months and doing well otherwise.
I don't know which one to try or which one will give him the greatest overall benefit. His ped didn't seem to have a preference as long as the coconut almond or rice was unsweetened.
Thoughts? Is one superior to another in terms of nutrition or ease of digestion?
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