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Originally Posted by FriedaT

Has anyone else tried this? I feel like my 19 mo DD is ready to train, she just doesn't *want* to. She'll pull at her diaper when it's wet, tell me she peed or pooped, she'll sit on her little potty every time DH or I do, but she won't use it! If she's naked, she'll tell me she has to pee pee so we go sit on the potty for 10-20 minutes. Sometimes she'll start to pee in it and say, "Uh oh!" and run away and we'll try to overload her with praise for going IN the potty, other times she'll just leave and go pee on the floor :headbang: . She understands that if she has to go she's supposed to sit on her potty, I just can't get her to go in it. (Hope I'm helping push the question and not hijacking).

ETA: I also don't know how we'd deal with no liquids close to bed time. I nurse DD to sleep every night. She also LOVES to drink water out of her cup and drinks more water than I do. She's also a bit addicted to nursing...
Check out Oh Crap potty training. She's in the right age window for it and i liked that it was a sort of relaxed no pressure method but also no nonsense.
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