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Re: Serious problem with DD. Need help :(

My 21 mo has night terrors and has for at least 6 months. It's exactly like you describe, although not as extreme as running through the house. He screams bloody murder and won't let anyone comfort him, pushing us away, screaming NO etc. Two things seem to be helping. First, I try to remember to go in and rouse him a bit just before he'd often wake up with a terror. They usually happen between 10 & 11, so I go in around 9:30 and just turn him over or jiggle him a bit. Not enough to wake him fully, but enough that he resets his sleep cycle some.

If I forget, or if it doesn't work and he does have a night terror I've been just leaving him in his crib. I stay beside him and pat him if he'll let me and say things like Mama's here, it's okay. It seemed that if I picked him up and tried to do any physical comforting it just made the terror last longer. Then, when he wakes up (it's usually pretty clear when he's actually conscious), I do pick him up and comfort him. The past few have been more like 15-20 minutes of screaming instead of closer to an hour.

This post has some good suggestions:
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