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Re: August 2013~ weekly chat ~ 1/28-2/3

My parents were invited to come to the birthing center while I was in labor with ds. Since the place was so small they would have probably been a small part of it even though they were planning on staying in the waiting room. Well when the time came and they were texting dh to see if they could come up yet, I was almost to transition and changed my mind! No way did I want them there, I was naked and bleeding all over the place. LOL
Labor with dd was the same, just dh I and the midwives. For #3 I have invited my mom. I think Ill be comfortable with it, and have a couple jobs for her if she wants them She's a photographer and Id LOVE to have a few pictures of the baby being born, and baby, dh and I right after
Plus Ill need someone to squeeze my hips together on the last push. Well hopefully these MWs will be ok with dh catching the baby, so hopefully Ill need her for that job

@ buttonnose welcome to our group

I CDed two kids at the same time too, 3 Im not so sure about, you'll definitely have your hands full! Could you start working with pling with your oldest now and see how he/she does with it?

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