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Re: Toddler Discipline Tips

Originally Posted by SamanthaSews View Post
But many times when he is misbehaving he is really out of control. Not like temper tantrums, but his body is moving a mile a minute, flailing his arms around & running (chasing the dog). We have a hard time getting him to calm down when he is being too energetic & crazy. Is this normal?

And when we tell him stop, or no, sometimes he gets even more spastic &/or throws toys or whatever is in his reach.

Honestly I'd be less concerned if he threw himself on the floor, screaming & crying but he doesn't do that much. Not yet anyway.
honestly, I think that there comes a point when they are so absolutely caught up in their emotions that they need to be snapped out of it. DD is this way, she will get SO far gone that getting her attention is difficult. But, if I can snap her out of it, it takes 2 seconds and she's done. Sometimes, I hate to admit, me shouting does the trick. You can see it in her eyes that she snaps out of the tantrum and easily calms down. Other times, I just pick her up and put her in the time out chair and I think that does it. Although, very rarely she'll continue her fit in the chair before she naturally snaps out of it. Most of the time, the act of putting her in time out seems to do it.

and then we talk about why we don't act that way. but I have to get her attention first. Talking or trying to reason with her while she's in that place is futile.

Originally Posted by DottieHarley View Post
We are at the same place with a... Very spirited, shall we say, DD. i have been trying to use some of the Happiest Toddler ideas and I juuuust started reading Love and Logic. As in I am still on the first chapter. But the idea of giving her choices has actually really started to work the past couple days.
Like instead of "will you help me pick up these toys" i pulled the "will you pick up the cars or should mommy?" She said, mommy! And I picked ip the cars and put them on a shelf she cant reach (dh will probably pay fir that all day tomorrow). When i asked her if she or daddy should clean ip her kitchen she RAN to the bins and started putting food away.
Bedtime now or in five minutes?
Change dipey here or over there? She fights changes but if i give her the choice of location and diaper color she's much calmer
More milk now, or juice after you eat your cucumbers?
These have all worked nicely... Not always picking the "right" answer lol but shes not throwing a fit anyways. Today... Tomorrow she will be a hellion simply bc ive tapped all this out. We are by no means perfect but i hate getting upset :-(
DD still doesn't do choices.. but I'm telling you, that 'First the Egg' book really has done wonders. Today we had a friend over to play and after awhile, DD really just wants me to sit and read with her and I always try to tell her that I'll read later after our friends leave and she usually tantrums. but today, I was like 'friends first, then books' and she was like 'friends first, then books' and just sorta walked over and started playing with something else.

she's really getting the hang of knowing she will get what she wants if she waits until whatever is done first.

if you give her a choice, she just repeats your choices back to you. lol. she gets very excited at choices. but she doesn't choose.
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