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Re: My son wants his hair long

Originally Posted by linz2491 View Post
He has had it long and short for several years. It grows out, drives me crazy cuz it is so thick and in his eyes and I cut it. Then it grows out again pretty quick. The bangs is what I always had trouble growing out. We finally have done it. I hated the bangs cut straight across. I do usually cut a couple inches off every few months. His hair is past his shoulders now so will probably get cut some in the next few days. His hair was short in summer 2011, grew out and his stepmother had his hair hacked (badly) in feb 2012 and while still long it was much shorter and he had the horrid straight across bangs. I've probably cut some length off once since then. It grows so fast!

Also headbands was a huge revelation for me. When he is doing something and his hair is in his eyes I stick on a gender nuetral black elastic headband. I was kicking myself for not thinking of it years ago! I will also braid the bangs to the back at home heehee.
I'm not a fan of the bangs straight across either...I'm just trying to decide how to keep it trimmed up around the bangs until it does grow out. Can't stand to see it in his eyes.

This was christmas morning. He got the scissors to his hair right in front and cut a small bit at his bangs. It's still fairly short, but starting to get shaggy looking.

How can I tame his hair to stay out of his face as it grows longer?
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