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Re: My son wants his hair long

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
this is my 2 1/2 yr old, never even had a trim. when wet and straight it goes all the way down his back. 3 of his 4 older brothers have super long hair- 2 with dreads, 1 with braids

Originally Posted by mmmom View Post
This is my 5 year old. The hair is not in his eyes in the side view, it sort of parts in the middle so he can see.

Attachment 132397

Attachment 132398
I like this style. DS's hair is really thick...when it was long before it was just to the bottom of his ear lobe. And I loved playing with it. LOL

Originally Posted by eliz7 View Post
My DS had had long hair his whole life. He is almost 12. These pictures are from the past couple of years.

Attachment 132400

Attachment 132401

Attachment 132402

Attachment 132403

It's been longer but never shorter than these pictures. People always thought he was a girl but it never bothered him. Now that he is older no one thinks he's a girl.
Love the blonde curls! I was secretly hoping DS would have curly hair, but no such luck. At least he has gorgeous hair (when it's short it doesn't show it's true beauty...when it's long it's so soft and thick)
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