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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

Having worked on an L&D floor in a couple of relatively natural birth friendly places, I promise you will not want to hear what they will be saying about you behind closed doors if you hand them this. Even if they totally support what you're asking for, the tone is all wrong. Also you're not really asking for anything that's unusual for a lot of people having natural births so they won't be too surprised by any of this if you say you want to go natural.

What I've found being on both sides of labor is that the way to have the most success is to see yourself and all your caregivers as being on the same team. Yes sometimes we have to advocate for ourselves and yes there are a lot of unnecessary interventions we need to keep from happening but seriously, kill em with kindness. Bring cookies for the staff when you show up to deliver. Smile and ask nicely and talk about how strongly you feel about your baby and what is best for him or her. Put your foot down when you need to but otherwise be as nice as a laboring lady can be! I don't mean to sound dismissive but I've seen the same birth plans get fought vs get accepted completely based on the tone of the patient.

Also, definitely get a doula. Look for one that recognizes what I said above and you'll get the birth you want.
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