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Re: Birth Plan for Hospital

Kate has a great point. I was a very nice pain in the butt and put my foot down when i was miscarrying Simon. I did not want a lot of the things that the doc wanted to force on me, but I was super nice to my nurse who was an angel.

The new nurse came in at shift change and talked for a few minutes with me and then she laughed and said "when XXX was going over the charts, she said 'now I know that the notes make her seem like a total pain, but she's a real sweetheart' and I see what she meant" and the nurses were great about turning a blind eye when I ate or did whatever I wanted to do. I'm naturally nice, and my annoyance was with my doctor not them, so I definitely kept that from my interactions with the nurses and got a lot better results (also cause the nurses weren't tattling on me to my doctor).
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