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should I dump today's milk?

DS has a known egg sensitivity/allergy. I made an old fashioned banana cream pie Sunday night and had a few bites. I figured the egg was 'diluted' enough in the pie to enjoy a little and I couldn't resist that warm custard. Bad mistake. Yesterday she got a few spots of rash on her head, chest and back. You wouldn't have known if you didn't know what it was. Today she's been pooping but its been more pasty and it's taken up 4 diapers. Tonight's last poop had her screaming, her butt was bright red and had tiny little blisters. I feel terrible.

So should I just dump all the milk I pumped today and give her frozen tomorrow? I know it can take weeks for all the egg proteins to get out of my system but should I give her a couple days when her daytime milk isn't laced with the egg? Is there any way to speed up the process of getting the egg out of my milk? WWYD?

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