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Re: Serious problem with DD. Need help :(

Is she by chance PTing at night or newly night trained? I ask because when my DD was about that age and had night terrors my DH found an article online about a dr. that discovered a link between the two. Something to do with the immature brain not waking them up fully when they had to go.

When DD woke up inconsolable as she was doing every.single.night without fail, we put her on the toilet. She, not being of sound mind and screaming, would not want anything to do with it. She peed every time though and within a minute or two came back around and we were able to cuddle her and put her back to bed.

Obviously this may be a long shot but it worked with DD and later with younger DD when she was going through it.

Good luck. I know it can be scary and very trying. 3 hours is a long time, though. Maybe call the phone nurse at your ped's office just to ask about it.
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