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Re: Hemorrhoids

Originally Posted by Ms.Kaun View Post

nette: I'll try the kegels but I don't think I can do the fiber and more fruits and veggies! I have possible G.I. issues they can't officially diagnose until after I have the baby and I am scoped. I go daily multiple times which is why this stinks. The day all this started I went 7 times. eek.
yikes! im sorry son had a rough time with colitis and he had to be on a special diet bc of going too much. the only thing that ended up firming up his bowels for good was something called the specific carbohydrate diet, or SCD. its annoying to do because you start out eating basically only chicken broth and grape juice, but it works fast and really well. just (another) suggestion as something to look into.

and i swear kegels are a lifesaver for pregnant right now too (due in june) and last month when i first felt a small amount of pain i did hundreds of them and it didnt erupt. with my last two kiddos i had them post delivery and kegels def brought fast relief.

feel better soon!
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