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No period 7 weeks after weaning. Normal?

I wans't sure where to post this. My baby just turned 10 months on the 23rd of January. My supply dried up in mid December; he was about 8.5 months. My supply had been drying up for several weeks at that point, so even at 8.5 months he was only nursing once a day and getting formula. I nursed my first baby for 13 months (6 months exclusivley) and I got my period a few days before he turned 8 months. I never supplemented formula for him, so he was nursing multiple times a day until he weaned. I realize every pregnancy is different, but I find it concerning that my period hasn't returned. It's been about a month or so since I've tested, but I dont think I'm pregnant. Is it normal that I haven't gottan my period yet, 7 weeks after weaning completely, and 10-12 weeks after beginning weaning?
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