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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Thank you for this educational thread. It prompted me to look up some more information. I have one friend in Canada who is non-circ, but circ is completely normative in my circles. Even though Galatians takes a neutral position on circumcision (it doesn't say that Christians should not but also doesn't say they should... only Timothy was circumcised as an adult to make their ministry to Jews smoother), I guess we'd all heard the line that staying intact furthers infections. We were told that this was proof of the wisdom of the God of Israel (and thus the Christian God). But if those allegations do not hold true, then circumcision was more religious and ceremonial than it was an issue of wisdom for health. And that is a game-changer... or it could be if more women were informed. There could be resistance in my devout Christian circles though--not b/c they believe Christians need to be circumcised for religious reasons but b/c they might think you are questioning the wisdom of God. Anyhow, I was struck to learn about the naturally lubricating properties of the intact system.
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