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Re: My chickens aren't laying...

Yep, you've got it. Mine slowed down to a pitiful couple eggs when it was well below freezing here for a week. Most notably though, chickens biological clocks tell them to slow down or stop laying when there's not enough daylight hours anymore. What you can do is put a light on a timer in the coop if it's big enough, mine is in the run over the feeders. I have a 100 maybe 150? watt bulb set on a little plug timer to come on at 4 am and off at 7am when the sun is fully up. Waking them those few hours earlier resets their internal clocks and should get them laying again. It works for mine. If they show any signs of moulting though, I would turn off the light and let them have a break as it can put too much stress on a moulting hen. If it's the cold getting to them, a heat lamp (inside the coop) might encourage laying again. I also find that my girls are very prissy and love fresh straw every couple weeks in the nests.

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