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Re: Washing advice

Make sure you first wash you prefolds a few time before using them. If natural unbleached cotton it can take upto 5+ washes to get the natural oil/coating off.Pre-folds are EASY - I use a dry pail with baking soda sprinkles in to help with the smellies, pre-wash, wash & extra rinse. I have done this with a toploader as well as my current front loader. I do not have front loader diaper issues others have noted. A regular laundry soap like original Tide or Arm & Hammer can be used as well as the current hot diaper brand detergants. Oxyclean or Bio-keen can be used, however, some children can not handle these used to wash the nappies. DO NOT use brightners (some Tide and Arm & Hammer have brightners) or fabric softners for these coat the diapers making them absorb less. FYI: 4-8-4 layer pre-folds work best. Great second Osocozys can be purchased at when they have them in stock. I am using red thread better fits and can not tell my 2nds from my 1st now that they have been washed many time. When I got them some of the 2nds had some black smudges that washed right off. I paid $15.49 a doz when I ordered 4 dozen compaired to the $27.90 for 4+ doz. or $33 for 1 doz.
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