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Re: Hemorrhoids

Originally Posted by Ms.Kaun View Post
Thanks for the advice ladies! I think I will try all the things suggested I haven't tried yet.

nette: I'll try the kegels but I don't think I can do the fiber and more fruits and veggies! I have possible G.I. issues they can't officially diagnose until after I have the baby and I am scoped. I go daily multiple times which is why this stinks. The day all this started I went 7 times. eek.

ginger: no bleeding with my BMs thank god! Just a lot of pain.

This has been an ongoing issue even before pregnancy but before pregnancy it was much more manageable. I had my dh check it out when he got home (he is in the medical field) and he thinks it may be thrombosed? I think that is the word he used but that scares the heck out of me. Anyone ever have that?
I had to look up Thrombosed Hemmorhoid... pretty sure that is what I had based on the pain, size and how my DH described the blue coloring. I swear by the epsom salt baths and using icy cold witch hazel (stung when first applied, but quickly became soothing). I took some cloth wipes and soaked them in witch hazel in the fidge and then put them directly on the area and left them there for 20 ish mins while laying on my side. Also using wipes instead of toilet tissue helped alot! Hope you can get some relief soon!

Oh, and the day that I really suffered, I went poo soooo much and it wasn't hard at all... very loose and very frequent, so it was constant insult to injury sort of deal. And now I am terrified of getting a flair up during delivery.
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